Optical Mark Reader (OMR) is a technological device which reads the marks that coded on the optical forms by infrared (reflection) method and transfers to the computing environment. OMRs have been developed for organizations who needs to transfer the data by using optical form. OMRs are mostly preferred by educational sector in Turkey such as; primary and high schools, universities, private courses and exam or questionnaire assessment centers. In Turkey, OMRs which are preferred in educational institutions are being used to process the exams who prepares students for high schools and university entrance exams and for KPSS (Public Personnel Selection Examination). The evaluation process is not carried out by optical mark readers. The assessment should be done by specially designed software for these purposes. You can provide this software(s) from our company, also you can use existing software with our OMRs, as well. The readable writing instruments are pencils (black, HB or darker) and ballpoint pens (black or blue) which are optional. OMR cannot read the optical forms which were photocopied, much worn, wrongly printed by the printing devices. We would like to remind you that our optical forms have a 100% guarantee.